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Hälsa works with you to increase fitness, core strength, and body confidence, as well as helping you manage stress and injury.

We keep class sizes small to give you the time and space to focus on 'you'. It also gives us the flexibility to adapt to your specific needs and to give you lots of individual attention.


Want to get back into exercise or looking for a new class to compliment your fitness programme?

Learn how to exercise safely and effectively.  Increase energy levels, tone & strengthen and build self confidence.​

Do you have a bad back, knee, hip, shoulder, pains or general niggles?


Pilates can be adapted to support your individual needs, working to strengthen the muscles and improve posture, protecting your body for the future.

Do you feel that life is too busy and demanding? Experiencing feelings of stress and anxiety?

Pilates is a mind-body workout; training your mind to focus on your body, giving you time to re-find your centre and re-energise.



"Cannot recommend Hälsa enough. Aside from the fantastic classes, which are different, challenging and interesting each week, the simple fact is that if I miss a week or two, my back pain returns. When I go regularly, I am ache free.

I only wish I had found this class earlier!"

Meet The Team

Beth Duff

Beth is a classically trained Pilates Teacher and founder of Hälsa Pilates. She brings her experience to class creating a supportive, friendly and inclusive environment.

Mat, Prenatal, Postnatal


Toby brings to class an utter joy for life and specialises in downward dog.

Mat, Downward Dog


Georgie has been with Hälsa since the start; she likes to join in Bridge and enjoys the relaxations.

Mat, Relaxation

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