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Whether you are new to Pilates or looking to further your practice, we have a class for you.

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For those new to Pilates or returning after a break or injury.  Classes will offer a thorough, practical understanding of the exercises and principles of Pilates, giving you the confidence to get the maximum benefit from your body and the classes. 

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core life

Hälsa Core Life builds on your knowledge of Pilates allowing you to grow your practice so it becomes an essential part of your day-to-day life. We will keep your body moving, creating a stronger, more flexible and fitter you.

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core women

Designed specifically for women, Hälsa Women will help you tone and strengthen your body in a safe and low-impact way.  Classes are small and friendly, giving you confidence in the exercises and most importantly your body. 

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relax & restore

Take an hour out just for you – we will detox your mind and body using gentle stretching and strengthening exercises.  Not only will you feel more relaxed, but you will also improve your posture and tone your body. 

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private sessions

Do you want to work on something specific or would like to work 1-2-1 or with a friend?  We will work with you to create a focused programme to meet your specific requirements. Private sessions are a great way to aid rehabilitation after injury, hone your practice or help you gain confidence before starting a class.  We can come to your home so that you can exercise in a safe and relaxed environment. 

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Pilates is an excellent addition to your employee benefits package, increasing well-being and retention.  Our corporate classes are designed to act as a counter balance to today’s busy work schedule, re-energising the body and mind, and helping alleviate those niggles that can arise from sitting at your desk for too long.

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